Wine Glass Writer Pens

Great for glass containers. Long lasting and easily washes off.  We always use these to write the starting date of our ferment and any other information we might forget!  Found on or or at your local wine/beer brewing supply store.

3 Piece Airlock

Our preferred airlock system for all my lacto-fermented projects. Very economical and easy to clean. Can be found at your local brewing supply store or online.

Fido Glass jars

One of our favourite jars to use. it’s great at letting the ferment breathe without letting in oxygen. You can find them at your local kitchen supply store or online

Ball and Bernardin Canning jars

Either brand is great. Our go-to jar for most of our ferments. They are great multipurpose, good quality jars. They can be found at any kitchen supply store or online.

Bernardin mason jar lids (plastic)

We prefer these to the metal lids as they don’t rust and you can easily drill holes in them to insert airlocks for lacto-fermentation. They are standard size and fit any wide-mouth mason jar. They can be found at kitchen supply stores or online.

pH Strips

pH Strips are very quick and easy method to check the acidity level of your brines and kombucha.

Fermentation Starter Kit

Great starter kit for new fermenters! Complete with fermentation weights, airlocks and wooden packer to help easily compress sauerkraut and other ferments into the fermentation container.

Pickle Packer/Sauerkraut Pounder

Our favourite tool to pound sauerkraut and pack it into jars.


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Jody Gowans

*All of our products are handcrafted using fresh, local ingredients in a MAPAQ certified facility.