Meet the Cultured Foodie

Jody Gowans

The Cultured Foodie about Jody Gowans

Jody was inspired to start working with fermented food after reading Dr. David Perlmutter’s book, “Brain Maker,” which stresses the connection between gut bacteria and the body’s overall health. The message was clear: a happy gut microbiome = a healthy body.

When Jody and her family began to reap the benefits of incorporating fermented foods in their diet, the idea for “The Cultured Foodie” was born. Created in 2016, the website became a resource to demystify and share the delicious benefits of fermented food for beginners and experienced alike. Jody shared all that she learned, from step-by-step methods to make and use fermented food in daily meals to explaining the excellent health benefits gained when adding the good bacterial cultures found in fermented food to everyone’s diet.

Over time, the fermented movement began to grow, and so did The Cultured Foodie. People wanting to learn more about fermentation and its benefits began to reach out as they saw The Cultured Foodie as a go-to reference for all things fermentation.

As easy as most fermentation recipes are, situations arise when one doesn’t have the time or energy to prepare them. Unfortunately, the alternative is to buy processed food that is devoid of the beneficial microbes and nutrients necessary in our diet. For this reason, Jody saw the opportunity to create The Cultured Foodie products – Kimchi, Sauerkraut, pickles, and more – and introducing them via farmer’s markets and, eventually, store shelves making it easy for anyone to enjoy the tastes of delicious, not to mention healthy, fermented foods.

I’m a Foodie. I love the adventure of eating. I have been experimenting in the kitchen since I was little and still enjoy it today. I love to visit different and exotic stores, discover new food and never fail to find the thrill of the possibility of each new ingredient.

*All of our products are handcrafted using fresh, local ingredients in a MAPAQ certified facility.