Raw. Living. Naturally Fermented.
The Cultured Foodie Freshness

It starts with Freshness

We source our ingredients from local farmers when in season to deliver the most flavorful fermented foods right to your table.

We deliver tradition

We use ancient fermentation techniques to harness beneficial microbes while enhancing the nutritional value of our vegetables.

Cultured Foodie fermented Jars

Easy to incorporate into every meal

Reap the delicious benefits of fermented foods by adding them to your favourite dish or just by themselves for a quick, gut-healthy snack.

Simple in ingredients.

Rich in taste.

Simply delicious

We take a few simple ingredients and transform them into a flavourful ferment that is not only good, but also good for your gut.

the power of fermentation.

an explosion of flavors

The Cultured Foodie a proud member of The Fermentation Association

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Significantly, every culture in the world seems to have its own fermented food, suggesting how crucial they are to our health.

- Dr. Kellerman, The Microbiome Diet

*All of our products are handcrafted using fresh, local ingredients in a MAPAQ certified facility.